Sunday, January 20, 2013


Tambun used to be a sleepy hollow town on the outskirt of Ipoh city. People passed by this little enclave to get to the famed Tanjung Rambutan Hospital or to search for the juicy and succulent Tambun pomeloes.

Streams of visitors started to flock the area ever since Sunway Group, the developer of Sunway Pyramid, took the initiative a few years back to transform the hot springs of Tambun into the now famed Lost World of Tambun and The Banjaran.

The Lost World of Tambun which was opened to the public in November 2004 is now an extremely popular destination among local tourists and The Banjaran is now a  worldly destination. The surge in tourists arrivals has increased the need for short rental accommodations. There are high end accommodations as provided by The Banjaran itself and Sunway Lost World Hotel. Due to requirements of the masses for medium cost accommodation facilities, homestays started to mushroom around Tambun and surrounding areas.

Of late, Syabas Homes Meru Hills, Chepor Indah and Silibin have been receiving bookings from guests intending to visit Lost World of Tambun which we gladly entertained. The journey from our facilities to Lost World  only takes 15-20 minutes.

Bookings from intending visitors to Lost World have surged since November 2012 to the point that we had to declined many requests with regret.

The management of Syabas Homes in acknowledging our growing customers base has decided to extend our accommodation services in Tambun itself closer to The Lost World destination.

Our new facility is now being prepared to receive our first guest, God willing, in February 2013.

So Tambun with all your we come...adding another colour to your already colourful and charming environment.

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